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  1. If trailer sways at any speed, slow down and stop. Then reposition the   load towards the front. Towing vehicle and trailer should be level when loaded.
  2. Always load trailer with 60% of weight towards the front.
  3. Remember the maximum speed is 90 k.p.h.
  4. Never apply brakes abruptly.
  5. Remember to leave the extra clearance width and length when overtaking or parking.
  6. Trailer should always be attached to towing vehicle before being loaded.
  7. Check the safety catch on the hitch is in correct locking position.
  8. Check that the reverse catch (at front of hitch) has been released for forward towing otherwise brakes will not work.
  9. When loading a car transporter, make sure the heavy end (engine) is towards the front.
  10. Never attempt to load a car that does not have wheels on to a car transporter.
  11. Check that the winch is in working order before you attempt to use it.

This informationis provided to make your towing safe for yourself and other road users.


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